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Mosquito Net Hammock

$ 14.14

 We always look forward to spend the summer outdoors. It’s the perfect chance to escape from the toxicity of work and enjoy the beauty of nature. Unfortunately, the warm weather encourages biting insects to also come out and play. Don’t worry – the Mosquito Net Hammock is here to keep you protected during this season!


Lightweight and Durable Netting Material

Its netting material is made out of fine mesh that has small holes to ensure that even the small insects are prevented from biting you, especially your kids. The material is also dry and breathable that you’ll feel comfortable while you’re using it. It’s durable enough to carry your weight but still don’t feel too heavy to carry around for a long trip.


A Mosquito Net Hammock that is Easy to Install

The hammock is separate from the mosquito net. It is easy to assemble it even when you’re alone. Simply zip it around to join them together to give you all-around protection from irritating insects. You can also remove the mosquito net for you to be able to enjoy the beautiful view around you.


Comes with Complete Gear for Easier Installation, Storage, and Transport

The Mosquito Net Hammock comes with two sturdy tree straps with 10 loops on each and two carabiners. This lets you easily adjust the position of the hammock easily. A stuff sack is also provided so that you can conveniently store and transport the Mosquito Net Hammock wherever you go.


Stay protected outdoors! Order the mosquito net hammock today!

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